Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism website exhibits a comprehensive collection of over 2,000 photos depicting views of Israel, attractions and much more. You are invited to explore Israel through its views, sites and people.

Anyone who wishes to use a number of pictures can do so, free of charge, subject to the following conditions and restrictions:

A. The pictures may be used only for purposes that will not distort / change the purpose / nature of the original material.
B. Credit must be given to the photographer next to the picture, whenever the photographer's name is mentioned in the picture's details.
C. Credit for the picture/s ,must be given to the Israeli Ministry of Tourism http://info.goisrael.com unless the user has received a special exemption from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.
D. A party using the picture/pictures from this website cannot assume credit for the picture/s or attribute credit to any party other than the Israeli Ministry of Tourism http://info.goisrael.com
E. Downloading the pictures from the website and utilizing them constitutes the user’s consent to these conditions and restrictions.

Please feel free to browse through the gallery.

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